Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cute Overload

Sometimes I think the "day" shift should be renamed the "cute-kids-in-disgustingly-cute-outfits" shift. Can you tell I'm going through a bit of sports shooting withdrawal? This was from an event at a local charter school. They turned their parking lot into a dance floor, where the kids two-stepped their way across the concrete in little cowboy hats, boots and western outfits. Cute overload! It was so cute I wanted someone to punch me in the face later just to even myself out. I really do like what I shot, even though (once again) I was kind of angry when I arrived at this assignment. Something about being angry at an assignment really makes me shoot better, I think. I'm not sure why. Its therapeutic, I think, like a long run or something. I work out the anger by busting out some photos. Click. Click. Release.

Now this kid knows how to work out some anger. Don't worry kid, the day is almost over. You can take off the outfit soon enough.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Over the weekend I shot a little baton twirling competition, featuring high school and college twirlers from around the state. It was one of those assignments where as soon as I walked in, I wanted to walk back out. Not because it wasn't visually interesting, but because I felt so far out of my element I wouldn't know how to relate to any of these people. They were all super nice, though. After some uncomfortable staring and probably some odd facial expressions, I began to make photos I liked.

And I only got hit with a baton once. Don't worry, it only hit the camera.

Monday, March 02, 2009


People always say they hate hospitals. All the sick people. The needles. The death. The truth is I love hospitals. The sterile and orderly environment. The free cable TV. And they have pie.

But mostly, I love hospitals because they take care of people. In my brother's case, they can save a life. When people say they don't like hospitals what they really mean is they hate the memories of seeing their loved ones in pain. They hate the helpless they feel knowing something is out of their control. I can definitely understand that.