Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun With The Intern

So things were a bit slow for me and the photo intern Friday afternoon, so we decided to get in a little practice on lighting in the photo studio. You know, gelling backgrounds, spotlighting, playing with shadows, using trampolines. Yes, a trampoline. I found it in our studio Thursday and quickly put it to use. We didn't use it much in these photos, but I'll post some photos next weekend (after they publish) of some trampoline goodness.

Oh, and she took some photos of me too:

(trampoline ungoodness)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll Fashion Show

There was a little fashion show last night at the House of Rock, a local bar across the parking lot from the newspaper. A friend from work was walking in the show, so I figured I'd stop by after work and take a few shots. Must feed the blog.

The light source backstage was one halogen flood light. I shot high and slow, playing with the warm light and harsh shadows it cast as the models made their final preparations backstage. I loved the shot above. Jacque is becoming quite the photo muse.

The show started pretty late. I think to get all the bands in that had yet to perform, they sort of rushed through the fashion show, doubling up the models on stage. It flew by. once I reset my camera and got into position, I only managed to get a dozen or so frames from the front of the stage. Still, it was good times.

I put a few more up on my MySpace page. Go HERE if you want to check them out.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Surf's Up

A friend from work invited me to Port Aransas this weekend, where a small assembly of Caller-Times employees were meeting to do a little surfing. I'm not a fan of being wet, so I initially declined. Then I thought, I could always tag along to take some photos for the blog. I'm definitely a fan of blogging.

The resident Caller-Times surfing guru offered up some brief instructions, and then they were off. It was only the first or second time for everyone, so no one was ready to stand up on the board just yet. The water was also pretty choppy Sunday. I waded out a bit for some shots, but I was pretty terrified of dropping my new D300 into the salty water. Still, I had fun and I think I got some decent shots.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Put Me In Coach

One final practice before the state tournament. If they win the first round, I get to join Todd in Austin to help shoot the championship game. Cross your fingers.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

To Arkansas And Back

Good ol' Fayetteville, Ark.

So my week-long adventure across three states came to an end yesterday. I didn't quite stay within my budget, but I was actually pretty close. Who knew I had such generous friends? From Fort Wort to Fayetteville and Tyler to Tulsa, I was allowed to crash on couches and had several of my tabs picked up. I definitely owe some people my thanks and several rounds of beer.

The photo above comes from the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. Below, from a Roller Derby bout in Springdale, Ark.

I had planned to shoot tons of photos throughout the trip and update my blog daily. It didn't quite happen. Mostly I just relaxed and enjoyed the company of my friends. I also didn't do many touristy things along the way, but I did manage to hit up a couple of museums. Don't worry, I won't bore you with a ton of painful vacation pics.

Well, maybe just a few.

Me at the Kimbell Art Museum
Fort Worth, Texas

Me at the Philbrook Museum of Art
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I actually really liked the Philbrook museum, which is housed in this gorgeous old mansion in Tulsa. The grounds were beautiful. Even though I lived in nearby Fayetteville for four years, I never got around to visiting this particular museum before. It was very cool, and I'm glad I was able to check it out. The Kimbell was good, too. I had heard a lot about it when I lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was much smaller than I thought. And even though I am standing in the museum's bathroom in the above photo (why is there a mirror above the urinal?), I was actually inspired by a lot of the works inside.

I'm glad I didn't let the high gas prices derail my trip. I love a good road trip, and I can't wait to wheel my way around the region again.